The Key to Happiness

'What is Happiness without sacrifice, rectitude, solemnest, devotion and service? Those that profess in the realm of materialistic gain do not seek Happiness first, but wealth instead. For what I have today is not necessarily mine tomorrow. What I can achieve unselfishly today guarantees me Happiness not just for today, tomorrow or the day after, but for eternity.'

Do you place your life in the hands of Man or do you want to place your life in the hands of GOD? We certainly place reliance and expectancy in Man in almost everything that we do. When we open the tap we expect the water to flow, clearly and visibly. When we switch on the lights we expect the fluorescent glow of the neon tube to light the infused enclosure that we stand upon in uncertainty and confusion. When we visit our convenient store we expect the shelves to be stacked with fresh produce. When we wait under the Bus Shelter we expect the Bus to come, within tolerance. When we place our linen into the washing machine we expect it to be clean after the spin cycle is complete. We take things for granted all the time and when things go wrong it halts in particular our thoughts.  We may panic, we certainly become frustrated, angry, disgruntled and discourteous. What is Happiness? This is the core of the third book in this trilogy series. Happiness is defined in full depth but the mechanism to achieve and maintain it is covered in greater depth. It is my procurement to achieve Happiness amongst all in the Universe, for the Universe is indeed abundant and opulent, catering adequately for ALL human beings, past, present and future. No human being has the right to suffer.Welcome to the realm of Happiness, a state of mind that moulds your life into a continuous stream of total consistency, teaching you the pros and cons of your everyday situations, situations that drag you down and induce unhappiness. Together we CAN make our world a better one. This book called 'The Key to Happiness' was written almost 15 years ago. I have shared it with many people of all walks of life and today I want to share it with you. It is a book that I am unduly proud of and whose applications I administered with care and caution. I believe that with perseverance, consistency and determination you too can achieve the unique realm of Happiness. This book is a practical book for you to read, enjoy and implement. It also contains 2 important and powerful psychological tools for you to implement in everyday situations. Together with the grace and reliance placed on GOD I believe that this practical book will enhance your life for good. When you want to see a change you need to make a heart warming change. Do you need to lose weight, do you need to become financially independent, do you need an education, do you need to learn how to drive or do you need to secure a sound friendship with someone. Whatever you choose to do there is the barrier or workload to perform. Working consistently through this barrier amidst the distractions and temptations you CAN loose weight, you CAN become financially dependent, you CAN become educated, you CAN pass your driving test and you CAN develop a good friend. The Key to Happiness will achieve Happiness for you but you must be willing to take the challenge and to work through the barrier of distractions and temptations. I want you get started immediately. Let us not wait for the next headlines to take us unaware and leave thousands in destitute. We are humans and as humans we are meant to act humanly responsible. Read this third book in the series and take control of your life, every second of it, henceforth. You may choose to purchase this book individually or as a bundle, whatever you decide I am sure you will be enthralled. To make a purchase, please select the icon shown below, read further information and simply add to your shopping cart. If you do get a chance please read through every page of this site before you make your purchase and choose the right product tailored for your circumstances.

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