The Key to Happiness - 367 pages

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This book was completed almost 19 years ago. I started selling it to friends, students and colleagues. The response was good but sales were not as important. I needed to test the strength of the instructions given in this book and over the years every instruction contained in this book worked for me in the subtleness of my intent. I was unselfish, patient and determined to see a new start to a very promising end to my life on Earth. As a each day begins I abide by the instructions given to me and the result is Happiness unfolded. Today, I feel overjoyed and confident that this system of ethical rules can work for you too. The Key to Happiness is really a practical manual that teaches you the techniques needed to implement what was read in the first two books of The Modern Day Trilogy. This book could be bought separately or you may purchase it as a bundle. Whatever you decide to do I am sure that The Key to Happiness will give YOU the Happiness you so deserve. I believe that all human beings old or new have the right to live equally during their centennial life on planet Earth. This manual is ALL about Time Management whereupon YOUR Time on Earth, the keystone to your whole existence is managed profitably to the very second. I salute YOU for whom you are and I respect your presence on this planet, welcome to a new concept in life, and that is life itself. Welcome to Universally Friendly, a circle of Friends around the world that care, share and shall always remain fair. This book almost 370 pages holds the Key to YOUR Happiness. Take to the skies and unleash the Happiness within you, see a noted change for you, for your family and for your community. After making your purchase from Universally Friendly you will receive three emails. The first email is from Paypal confirming your transaction, please print this off for your records. The second is an email from Universally Friendly thanking you for your order, please take note of the order number or preferably print it. The third email is from Digital Vault where your eBooks are securely stored. Depending on your Internet Provider this email will reach you within 15 minutes or in some instances as long as 24 hours. This email will contain a link to Digital Vault and instructions on how to download your eBook or eBooks. 


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