Inspirational Videos from me to you
Dear Friends, it is welcoming to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what your circumstances really are. Don’t be depressed if you feel financially regressed, money is something you can generate, all it takes is time and its proper management. Don’t stress if you are mentally suppressed, you need to appreciate your life like never before. Don’t distress if bad news comes your way learn to progress instead into infinite possibilities that awaits you? Don’t digress into a meandering state of affairs when trouble knocks on your front door, dress for the occasion and meet it with better impressions. I was in a moat surrounded with a multitude of problems. My friends and families have stayed away and let me slip into my own world of oblivion. I was homeless, penniless and suicidal. There were help in self-help books but people demanded the Earth. What kept me alive was that I knew GOD stood at the top of the mountain of restitution, right in front of me. I inquired as I always did and GOD then spoke to me in a clear tone offering a helping and a guiding hand. He made me reunite with some old friends and some new ones too. Under the instructions of GOD my cousin was there for me, preventing me from committing suicide and taking care of the obsequies of my Mum. When I wanted to create a website to open the doors to other people that may need help it was hard, it was expensive and it was a shamble of would be mentors that would promise the Earth but deliver nothing. In one instance I was forced to pay £5000 for a meaningless and selfish approach to create a website. There are those that will want to take away everything from you, your assets, your money, your integrity, and your loved ones and if possible to see you trampled with pain, humiliation and suffering. Universally Friendly is not here to take money from you. Most of the privileges set forth in the home page is available to you for free. There are no long term obligations but everlasting friendship and unification. If you are stuck in a rut, and you need to come out of it read The Modern Day Trilogy and find the blueprint to your whole existence. For the next 46 years I shall be with you daily, inspiring, aspiring and motivating you to take the right action. The following are examples of some of my inspirational video content for your perusal. I have created a huge friendship collage of genuine friends from around the world that give me positive feedback daily to write each day. I transgressed from an Expert Article Writer to a Platinum Writer only because you have found the time to read my inspirational matter – Thank you.

I am thee in the divinity of the cosmos

I am thee in the divinity of the cosmos born to serve thy GOD with all thy heart and with thy strength. I do not discriminate by colour, creed or culture neither do I incriminate by anger, jealously nor Greed.  I am part of the Cosmos and therefore I am governed by the Laws of Nature. Log onto and see a change to your life from now on.
The Wonders of the world


The Wonders of the world is not confined to just seven or eleven but to an infinite number that traverses across the oceans, beneath the seas, above the surface of the Earth, deep into space and into portals that link other galaxies and Universes, into wormholes of Time Travel and into black holes of nothing. This is indeed the wonders of the world and you Dear friends are the guardians of the world. So when you start your day look in awe at the wonders of the world and take charge of all that you see unselfishly! 
The Umbrella of Hope and Restitution


Dear Friends, you can make a change to your life for the common good if passion, desire and unselfishness is instilled in your heart. You cannot have passion and desire and say that the future looks good. You have to ensure that your goals no matter how big or small are unselfish. This guarantees you real Success and profound Happiness for the rest of your life, 24/7. Please take the necessary strides to make 2012 a pivotal change in your life. It is important, it is crucial and it is relevant to your existence.
10 Rules to Success 

You cannot define Success unless you tasted it. You cannot taste it until you tried it and you cannot try it until you know what you actually require. Many Goal Setters spend unnecessary time mimicking other people. This is futile. You must be able to define what you really want in life, this must be rooted deep within you. You have to establish first if you have the passion and the desire to achieve, if not then it is not really meant for you.
Do not worry 

Dear Friends, do not worry for you are not meant to worry at all. Worry is a waste of valuable time which is limited to 100 years for you. Every second of those vital years is precious outweighing the value of any currency or gem. Worry is a definable quantum and the greater your worries the deeper your troubles are. Whatever your worries are, don’t despair for GOD is here. GOD has been with us from the very first day. Treat every second of your life from now on as a special second that compounds to a special individual that paced the Earth on a certain era and paved the crust in a tone of Happiness.

The Helical Core of Conformity 

When life seems unfair and depressing research your inner self and establish whether you are correctly encoded with 9 words that compound too many other relevant words. These words are simple but necessary to establish a life that is fair and not depressing. These words are: Love, Living, Caring, Sharing, Fairness, Appreciation, Prayers, Humanity and Selflessness. Please watch this video to be inspired to live a life of conformity.

The Universe is Opulent


Dear Friends, how many of you can openly say that certain things in life is really impossible to find? When I was a young boy I always used to wonder why I not had a birthday party or a toy for Christmas. I used to often wonder why I used to walk the streets without a pair of shoes or go to bed feeling hungry. I used to wonder why I did not go to a good school where my Peers could unselfishly impart valuable knowledge to me. Everyone will have a tale to tell and yet the Universe is opulent, pouring with an endless stream of wealth and health for all. I was only 35 years of age when I started to find out the reason why these things would happen. On reflection I feel hurt but the pain is not as potent as before but the memories are. It would be so wonderful to give onto others the gifts that will bring about inner joy and profound Happiness. This is my pledge to try and achieve at least just that.