God has Spoken, again

This book is the first in the series and can be purchased separately or as a package. I want you to take the 30 day challenge and see a new dimension to your life. Have you ever been left with unanswered questions as I was for so long? For years these questions would lay somewhat dormant in my subconscious mind and then suddenly would appear when it really mattered, perhaps during bereavement, during financial difficulties or during religions occasions. Are any of the following questions if not all remain unanswered to you?

  • Do parallel Universes exist? 
  • Are there really aliens out there?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Is Mercury really a planet?
  • Did Dinosaurs live amongst humans?
  • Did we descend from Adam and Eve?
  • Is it possible to become happy and financially independent?
  • Do UFOs exist?
  • Is there life in other galaxies?
  • Will Mars become our new home?

Thank you for showing an interest in my books. Unlike other Authors I want to be more than just an Author that you know, I want to be YOUR  friend. I want you to be a Universal Friend serving GOD in the way that it should be. At the end of reading the first Book in this Trilogy a new dimension to the above questions will unveil. What is the purpose of my Trilogy? Well, by reading my Trilogy the dynamics of life will be revealed  and when this happens you will be enlightened as I have been. You will identify yourself and you will see a clearly defined destiny. I have divided this book into 3 Sections. viz. The Past, The Present and The FutureWho are we, where do we come from and more importantly where are we going to is what the first book in this Trilogy is all about. It's all about role models, its all about our fundamental roles in life, to subsist and coexist in a world that has ruptured into so many distinct divisions of hate and revenge. GOD has indeed a fundamental role for us all but our GREED has obscured our true vision of our existence. Reading this book brings to focus what was already said from the beginning. I want you to know that GOD is there watching daily over mankind. Don't waste a minute longer, read this trilogy and see if the blurred vision of our existence can be focused on what GOD set out in the beginning. I penned the framework of this book on the eve of the 6th of November 1995, approximately 4 hours after my mother had passed away. I was amazed by my discovery but it seemed that I needed to wait almost 15 years to reveal all, as if I needed to go through a period of testing, re-enactment, experiences and exposure. This is a changing world that we live in deluged in an aftermath of bloodshed, terror, assault and violence, and smeared in a financial grip. GOD has spoken, again gives us the necessary tools and the vision to change the world for the good of our children and their children's children. As we plant the seed of hope our children can harvest the goodness of the Universe, drenched in the Sovereignty of Almighty GOD. You CAN and you WILL see a change, only if you instil the seed of hope. I hope that this book will give you the vision for the future of our planet and for the welfare of every living being on the face of our planet! You may choose to purchase this book individually or as a bundle, whatever you decide I am sure you will be enthralled. To make a purchase, please select the icon shown below and simply add to your shopping cart. If you do get a chance please read through every page of this site before you make your purchase and choose the right product tailored for your circumstances.

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