GOD has spoken, again - 243 pages

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The Universe and YOU is not a separation but an embodiment of unification between YOU and GOD. We know this well but shun from it because we take things for granted. Where is the end and the beginning for YOU and where is the quest for your salvation if we do take things for granted. Do the following questions crop up in your mind from time to time? Is your search or quest for answers inconclusive? Would you not like to change the whole perspective of life and see the world the way it really is? Is it not time to find the answers to the following questions and finally say they are conclusive? This book almost 260 pages, is filled with colour illustrations and photographs.
  • Is there life after death?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • Did Dinosaurs live amongst humans?
  • Is Mercury really a planet?
  • Is Mars our futuristic home?
  • Can I live on financially independent and secure?
  • Do UFOs hover over us and then suddenly disappear?
  • Where was the Garden of Eden?
  • Do parallel Universes exist?
  • Did we descend from Adam and Eve?
These questions did crop up in my mind on numerous occasions, at times of bereavement, during religious days, at the time of need and at the time of inquisition. Today, as I penned this message to you I am delighted to say that I have found all the answers to these questions and in a more simplistic way that I could comprehend and in a simplistic way that I can now pass this new knowledge onto YOU. I want YOU to take a new outlook to your life for out there in the infinite space of absolute awe and wonder there is a special place just for YOU. Welcome to Universally Friendly, a new concept from an old idea! This book will change your life for the common good, it has made a significant difference to me and I am sure it will make a significant change to your life. Don't delay, take the brave step and get your copy of GOD, has spoken again and see an immediate change to your very own personal outlook to life. After making your purchase from Universally Friendly you will receive three emails. The first email is from Paypal confirming your transaction, please print this off for your records. The second is an email from Universally Friendly thanking you for your order, please take note of the order number or preferably print it. The third email is from Digital Vault where your eBooks are securely stored. This email will contain a link to Digital Vault and instructions on how to download your eBook or eBooks. The following is a sample page from this book:

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