As with anything new I want you to be free to ask questions at anytime. To the best of my ability I will answer wherever possible most questions submitted by email to universallyfriendly@live.comTo assist me please could you read the FAQs below as many of your queries may be answered here?

Do I need to make a purchase from Universally Friendly to receive inspirational material that may help me or inspire me?

As I have always stated I am here not to sell but rather to tell so that one day you may become well. Well from the spell of your daily routine, well from the confinements of your monetary cell and well from the bell that man rings each day to limit your abilities. There is no need to make any purchases when visiting this site. It is here just for you. You may access important daily inspirational material for free and download enriched quotes bespoke to your needs for free. Don’t in anyway feel an obligation to make a purchase. Always remember that Universally Friendly is a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair.

I am interested in buying The Modern Day Trilogy but I am not sure whether to buy just a single volume or to buy all three? 

Thank you for this common query and rest assured I want you to make the right decision and more importantly to choose an option that suits your pocket and your goals. All books can be purchased individually or collectively. This is the Silver Member Status of Universally Friendly. As a Silver Member with nothing more to pay you shall be entitled to ALL the privileges set forth in this website. As with all purchases you will have my full 30 day money back guarantee. Simply email me at within 30 days and without any questions asked I will refund your money. Any contributions towards charities that Universally Friendly regularly donates to from your purchase can only be effected after 30 days.

How would I know that part of my payment has been made to Charities that Universally Friendly regularly donates to?

This is a good question and deserves a good and a responsible answer. Only 30 days after your purchase can part of the net proceeds of each sale be made to one of the many charities that Universally Friendly donates to. I offer a full 30 day guarantee and will refund your money if you are dissatisfied in anyway. If you decide to keep your purchase which I am sure you will, after 30 days a portion of each sale will be passed equally onto Charities that Universally Friendly donates to. I will keep you informed every quarter in The Databank Times of how much we have contributed to each Charity.  

Would I need to pay anything further once I made my purchase? 

Rest assured you will not be charged for anything else. We do not retain any banking details of any Universal Friend and neither do we charge annual subscriptions like other publishers. So, if you paid £15.00 for example for the Silver Membership then this is the full and final amount required from you. Your membership as a Universal Friend however will be for as long as you want it to be at no additional charge. All transactions will be secure using PayPal or any other forms of payment that you prefer. However should you wish to purchase anything else from Universally Friendly such as a book or an upgrade you will be charged just for that and only that?

What about paying VAT?
All prices advertised with Universally Friendly are inclusive of VAT, currently rated at 20%. If you make a purchase from outside the EU countries and the United Kingdom you will not be charged VAT. Soon there will be a Universally Friendly affiliate in your country where you can make a purchase directly from them.

What about paying P&P?

At the moment all materials from Universally Friendly are in an eBook format, which means that these publications are downloadable. Once you have made your purchase you will be given simple instructions to follow to download your books. My books are available in different formats too available from my affiliate website to be found at: Here you will be advised of any charges for P&P.

How secure is it for me to purchase online?
In the constant changing world of phishing, fraudsters and identity thieves every online purchase does hold a certain element of suspicion and the fear of you becoming a victim. Rest assured though, as all purchases made at Universally Friendly are done through PayPal or through a payment method of your choice. PayPal keeps your details safe and can help to get your money back if something goes wrong. It is advisable to ensure that your Computer as a general rule be installed with Protection software such as Norton Internet Security or McAfee. Under no circumstances would Universally Friendly use your email address to send emails requesting any details from you. Your email address is only used as a mailbox to drop off your monthly edition of The Databank Times or to respond to any of your queries.

I am purchasing your product from another country, how will I know exactly how much you will charge me?

It is difficult to accurately say how much you will be charged as currencies vary daily. However if you log onto Google on the day of your purchase and type in Currency converter it will give you an approximate idea of how much you will be charged on that day. Again whether you make a purchase from the UK or from any other part of the world you will be entitled to the same gifts, offers and privileges that each membership offers. Again, 10% of your purchase price after 30 days will be passed onto Charities that Universally Friendly regularly donates to. Depending on future affiliates you may be able to purchase a product from a Universally Friendly Affiliate in your own country.

I am not sure whether I understand everything that is contained in your publications, could I write to you to clarify, verify or justify some or any of the contents that I do not understand.

When I witnessed an extraordinary revelation some nineteen years ago I was mystified, in awe and wonder for I tapped into a new source of energy and that was the Universe, the faculty of GOD's workshop. Not everything that came to me within those 4 hours were entirely clear, precise or finite. Nevertheless I wrote it down and digested it at my pace in the years that followed. For some reason I needed to experience life again with more expressions, feelings and concern. For this reason I assume that my books were delayed even though I started selling The Key to Happiness some 18 years ago. So when you read something for the first time like this you may be somewhat mystified, in awe and in wonder as well. Don't be afraid for GOD has spoken, again. Don't be alarmed either for as I ask you to try and change your point of view as I did, I saw a new direction to my life, to my future and in particular my relationship with GOD. This is the similar message I want to send through to you. Soon I will hold workshops, and also live Web-seminars to expound the concept of my trilogy. Very soon my book called 'Your Top 100 Questions answered' will be available and I am sure most of your common questions will be answered in it. However should you wish to contact me please use the following email addresses: Could you explain the offers, gifts and privileges of the Silver Membership in greater detail? 

The purpose of The Modern Day Trilogy is to ensure Happiness and equality amongst all human beings, this is GOD's promise but our choice! When I made my enquiry from the Universe almost 19 years ago information came to me like a deluge from an uncontrollable and burst water main. To the best of my ability I needed to distribute this information to you and eventually to everyone on our planet. Some of the contents of The Modern Day Trilogy will change written textbooks and raise eyebrows. As a result, I just did not want to be just an Author that made a living from reading materials that I wrote. I wanted to become your friend by invitation and this invitation is By becoming a Universal Friend there is hope for Universal Peace and Happiness. By being a Silver Membership, with a one off fee of £29.95 reduced to £15.00 I offer you The Modern Day Trilogy, Edition 1 for a specially reduced price. To ensure that this reading material is used and not just glimpsed through I want to remain your friend by keeping in touch. You can email me at the above email address for your queries if necessary. Due to the possible overwhelming amount of emails that I may receive I will endeavour to respond to them ASAP. However please read the FAQs first as many of your queries may be answered here. I also give you free access to SOLPRO where some of your questions may come to light. In your welcome booklet the address for SOLPRO will be given. SOLPRO is available to you 24/7. 365 days a year for the rest of your life on Earth. SOLPRO is an information bank or a Databank of problems, growing each time. Problems are our mainstream barrier in achieving our goals. They distract us, stress us, overcome us and diminish our chances of being happy. SOLPRO keeps you informed of problems people face and by keeping abreast of these problems which will be regularly updated you will have the edge in coping with problems each day of your life. I also give you free access to my personal photo collection which you will have access to for the rest of your life on Earth. These photographs are for your use and you may request photos in batches of 3 by emailing me at theanthonycollection@live.comThe Anthony Photo Collection site will be regularly updated and include events and how to get there. Downloading high quality photographs as you undoubtedly know can be expensive and restricting. I hope that you will find this collection useful and profitable. My entire photo collection can be accessed for free, 24/7 everyday of the year! As a Universal Friend you will receive for free posted to your email address a copy of The Databank Times. This will eventually become a site so instead of accessing your email you can simply go to The Databank Times website at anytime to read your monthly newsletter. In The Databank Times there are useful topics for you to read and many ways to save money that will recover your initial investment or more if used. I cannot deal with questions on specific problems but my concept is more of a generalisation and from these broad experiences we can tailor them to suit individual needs. Reading The Modern Day Trilogy gears you for just that. Printed in The Databank Times each month is a list of useful telephone numbers where professional help if needed can be attained.

Would I be able to give my opinion of your books, site or newsletter? 

Yes you may, and your opinion is welcomed and valued. How wonderful and serene would it be to have a world free from harm, free from pollution and free from the financial crutches of modern society? Universally Friendly strives to do just that, your opinions, points of view and criticism will be welcome to improve our image and belief. The future concept of Universally Friendly lies in your hands. A lot of the strategies and principles of making our world safer and fairer to ALL lie in your feedback. I will listen attentively to ALL your suggestions and try to accommodate you in every possible way.

I do appreciate the gifts, offers and privileges that each membership holds, but I just want to read your materials, can I do just that?

Yes, you may. You could purchase books individually but I believe purchasing The Modern Day Trilogy will benefit you in many ways. It does not matter whether you use each gift, offer or privilege but it is important to realise that it is there for your own use at any time. As I have stated I want to be your friend and with a chain of Universal Friends around the world together we can work to achieve the Happiness that we all deserve from the break of dawn to the dusk of day. Achieving Happiness is not going to be easy and therefore we need to work at it each day, every day and for as long as we live. Reading The Modern Day Trilogy gives you the tools to do just that. I want to encourage you to persevere, to understand our roles on Earth and to work steadily as GOD intended us to do. Yes, there will always be stumbling blocks but with the right tools we can reduce or minimise the onslaught of stumbling blocks. So when you purchase my books you acquire a friend, a friend that believes in Happiness amongst all. So, do you need the gifts, offers and privileges? Yes, you do because they are there for your use and benefit, every day from now on.

I am weary of buying products or services on the internet and I am afraid that your site may be just another scam.

This is so true. I have been a victim of scam on many occasions. My mailbox is always filled with junk-mail offering numerous products that professes to change lifestyles, health and prosperity. Somehow when we give our email address to a free seminar that we attended, a free newsletter that attracted our attention or a free downloaded book our email address magically gets distributed to other associated companies and from one signatory entry, our email address goes to numerous others. In fact there are companies that sell email listings simply by acquiring your email address given by the perpendicular action of your pen to paper or the angular actions of your fingers to the QWERTY keyboard beside your computer. Rest assured, at Universally Friendly your email address will not be given out except with your permission to any other affiliated organisation or non affiliated organisation. Doing this will be a betrayal of my friendship to you. I am 54 years of age and for almost 50 years of my life I was exposed to so many personal trials and tribulations. When my Mum passed away unexpectedly some 19 years ago I wanted to change the routine occurrence of my life and when I received a revelation around this time, my life changed forever. I want to share this revelation with you today in the hope that it will change your life for the common good. Subscribing to my free newsletter or purchasing The Modern Day Trilogy is not a scam in anyway whatsoever. I offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee, and I offer you my friendship. Friendship can be defined as building an association with someone else based on mutual liking, affection and loyalty. Universally Friendly however is a chain of friendship all around the world based on trust, affection, liking, free from identification based on colour creed and culture, to establish a united relationship with GOD. We have a fundamental role in the CREATION, but as we live each day our role has become obscured. Universally Friendly wants to re-instate our role as given by GOD. So it was written, so let it be.

Could you explain the size of the free advert in The Databank Times for life?

The Databank Times advertising page is 24cm high and 18cm wide. The page is divided into 3 columns and each column is further divided into six cells, each cell measuring 4cm high and 6cm wide. A 'cell for life' is what you are entitled to, in others words as long as The Databank Times remains in circulation you will have a cell for life, entitling you to 1 advert per month. Upon your request an advert will be placed or removed in The Databank Times each month. All advertisements whether old, new or amended must be submitted before the end of the 3rd week of the month. Failure to do this will result in the advert being cancelled. At your request it will be placed in the following edition. As a Universal Friend we respect that the contents and intentions of your advert will be unselfish. We cannot guarantee the success of your advert but our target level for readers of The Databank Times will be high. Should you require larger adverts then you can use your septa points or cash to pay for this. Whatever net profit made from advertising will be passed onto charities that Universally Friendly regularly donates to. These terms of offer are subject to change.

Could you please surmise what I will get when I make a payment to you?

Depending on the membership you choose you will receive the following eBooks for you to enjoy and read. This excludes The Databank Times which will be posted to your email box and eventually will appear as a monthly updated site for you to read and enjoy. The Databank Times is now an official website for you to access whenever you want to.

The Silver Membership: Please take note like with anything new, your participation is paramount in achieving a change in your life.  I cannot be responsible for any reliance placed on The Modern Day Trilogy. I believe, with personal experience that if you are willing to make a change that change has to come from you. Making that change is what goal setting is primarily all about. I am not just an author but I am your friend. Therefore I keep the lines of communication open and will endeavour to help in any way that I possibly can. However this is only effective if you are willing to make an effort, daily and regretfully for the rest of our life. When I received my revelation almost 19 years ago nothing magically happened to me. A change only happened when I sat down with pen and paper and wrote down my unselfish goals. Then I needed to take action to meet those goals. Stumbling blocks will always want to stop us from achieving our unselfish goals, but this is the primary objective of The Modern Day Trilogy. The Modern Day Trilogy helps you to determine your own unselfish goals, helps you to take action and helps you to overcome stumbling blocks. If your goals are unselfish you WILL achieve them in a set period of time, guaranteed!