I would like to pursue an ongoing relationship with every Universal Friend. The object of this exercise is to ensure that you are able to achieve your unselfish goals in the best possible and unselfish way. As I have already stated we all are fundamentally the same but differ in our goals. There are many ways in which you could keep in touch but depending on the amount of queries that I have I will endeavour to respond to them in the best possible way. I don't want to be just an Author, but I want to be your friend. I want to be your friend forever. My objective and prime motivation is to eradicate the spiralling effects of human GREED. Human GREED is brittle, enticing and malicious. The world spins upon its tilted axis on the merit of our GREED. GOD has given us this world to govern, manage, sustain and maintain. Are we really the persuaders and pursers of our given roles? What we really are and we really do is proportional to our actions. The merit of our actions is really our goals which could be good or bad. When you analyse your goals daily, are they good or are they bad? On a litmus stick of good and bad where does your daily potential lie? This is sole purpose of a Universally Friend, Universally Friendly is a body of friends that ensure their daily actions or goals is always good. it is the GOOD in humans that maintain the spin of the Earth 
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I look forward to see you make a steady progress towards a Happier and fruitful life on our planet.