52 Steps to Success

This book contains 52 Quotations that are new and geared for the new Century. Every Quote holds its own meaning and it carries its own set of instructions for each individual. We all are fundamentally the same, we all are indeed equal and we all have the right to live equally in prosperity, happiness and good health. Everyday, the world holds its own sufferings, its own natural catastrophes, its own perils and its own dangers. These Quotations have been written to express these encumbrance cycles of events and to offer an illustrious solution to individual and specific needs. Every Reader of this book is deemed a new friend, a bond of friendship that will last forever. I value this with all my heart. Every human being has an equal right to live equally. No other human being has the right to remove this opportunity from another human being. Are you living in Australia, or perhaps the British Isles, do you live on the Falkland Islands or perhaps in Western Samoa, don't despair for all of you are my friends. For no matter where you are, how old you are, what your creed and your culture is I honour and salute you for whom you are and respect your presence on this planet. Thank you for showing an interest in the second book of this trilogy. This book sieves the torrent plains for the answer that you have been waiting for. Who am I, where am I going to and how do I achieve the ability to steer the rudder of my destiny into hope and eternity, 52 Steps to Success helps you to control your life and to understand the fundamentals of whom, where or how? There are 52 Steps with good and clear illustrations for you to read, ponder, enjoy and enlighten yourself with. As with everything you need to be patient and as we wait to reap the harvest Success will come as swiftly as the harvest when we ensure that we till the soil, plant the seeds and nourish the seedlings. You may choose to purchase this book individually or as a bundle, whatever you decide I am sure you will be enthralled. To make a purchase, please select the icon shown below, read more information and simply add to your shopping cart. If you do get a chance please read through every page of this site before you make your purchase and choose the right product tailored for your circumstances.

The following is an example of one of the 52 Quotes: