52 Steps to Success - 150 pages

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When you pick up your daily paper or switch on the Telly you will read or see that the world is deluged with the aftermath of human GREED. Just recently, the London Riots, the starvation in Somalia, the fighting in Libya and the War in Afghanistan has made headlines all over the world. Where do we stand in a world that is pivoted amongst the good and bad that mankind has offered over the millenniums. Some 17 years ago I was in a state of sullenness, a financial wreck really and bereaving over the sudden and unexpected death of my Mum. In my personal inquisition to GOD I received an astounding revelation by special proxy, a revelation that would change my life henceforth, a revelation I call an elevation from a revelation. As I penned the words that streamed its way to me I was enlightened, renewed and restored, reprogrammed to start yet again. Today, some 17 years later my life has changed so much and my vision for the future looks bright and sound. These WORDS are what makes up 52 Steps to Success, penned in the exactness of what I heard and listed chronologically for you to decipher each week. Welcome to 52 Steps to Success, welcome to an alternative approach to life! Get your copy of 52 Steps to Success right away and see a change. For details of other books in this series please browse through the left hand panel of your screen. The book itself, an eBook at present is over 150 pages with supported pictures and illustrations. After making your purchase from Universally Friendly you will receive three emails. The first email is from PayPal confirming your transaction, please print this off for your records. The second is an email from Universally Friendly thanking you for your order, please take note of the order number or preferably print it. The third email is from Digital Vault where your eBooks are securely stored. Depending on your Internet Provider this email will reach you within 15 minutes or in some instances as long as 24 hours. This email will contain a link to Digital Vault and instructions on how to download your eBook or eBooks. The following is another sample page from this book:



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